Tierra Pristina + Santa Maria – 3,109 acres of Pristine, Unspoiled Seafront Land
Sarteneja Road, Lowery's Bight, Freshwater Creek, Corozal, Belize
  • US$2,400,000
  • BZ$4,800,000


Property ID: BLNCO1493
  • Property Type
  • Acreage
  • 3,109.00
  • Acres
  • $771.95
  • Per Acre

The combined properties of Tierra Pristina (1,550 ac) and Santa Maria (1,559 ac) present a one-of-a-kind opportunity in Belize to purchase over 3,000 acres of pristine, unspoiled seafront property and one of the last pieces of high coastal forest remaining in Northern Belize. With both seafront and lagoonfront access, the properties together offer a unique investment opportunity that can serve as the destination for the quintessential eco/green development in Central America, a sizable land bank or the location for a superb Masterplanned Community… or all of the above!

Ideally situated along the beautiful Corozal Bay, this property is the very best opportunity for anyone looking for large seafront land in Northern Belize. This prime property is in its pristine and forested state offering an excellent habitat for wildlife with terrain that consists of solid ground with rich and fertile soil throughout. This massive estate is connected by an all weather road that runs the full length of the property from the Sarteneja/Chunox Road to the coast. A second all weather road cuts across the property granting access to Barracuda Lagoon – a breathtaking body of water with translucent turquoise waters and white, grainy sand.

With the approved US$50 Million investment to upgrade and resurface the Corozal/Sarteneja Road, these properties will become much more easily accessible increasing both the value of the location and the potential return on the investment. In addition to the road upgrade, newly constructed bridges will replace the existing hand-drawn ferries at both the Pueblo Nuevo and Laguna Seca crossings. Due to its size, features and location, this property has the potential to serve as the base for a truly unique development in the tropics, the quintessential green development of the Americas.

While the real value lies in purchasing both properties together, each can also be purchased individually.

Tierra Pristina – US$1,162,500
1,550 Acres • 1.8 Miles Seafront

Santa Maria – US$1,235,000
1,509 Acres • 1.7 Miles Seafront • 1.4 Miles Lagoonfront

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  • 3,109 Acres of Natural Forest Seafront Land
  • Approximately 3.5 Miles of Seafront along the Corozal/Chetumal Bay
  • 1.2 Miles on Waterfront Along the Barracuda Lagoon
  • Rich & Untouched Solid Land
  • Agricultural Potential
  • Access to Fresh Water
  • 1/4 Mile East of Orchid Bay
  • Less than 1 Mile off the Chunox/Sarteneja Road
  • Access to Fresh Water
  • Approximately 5 Miles from Chunox Village
  • 14 Miles from Sarteneja Village
  • 45 Min drive to Corozal Town


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