Canadians Finding Real Estate in Belize, at a Fraction of the Cost

As Property Prices Soar in Canada, Buyers Turn to Belize for Affordable Real Estate


Becoming a homeowner can be daunting. It can also be surprisingly expensive, especially for Canadians who are experiencing some of the worst housing affordability issues on the planet, according to BBC News. The chances of Canadians holding a key to their own home is decreasing drastically as property prices have recently raised by 20%. Though the housing market is harsh in Canada, there is still hope for Canadians looking to become homeowners. In fact, the recent price escalation can be seen as an opportunity to broaden horizons, consider new possibilities and become more strategic about where and when to purchase a home.

One place many North Americans are drawn to is Belize. This small nation, also known as “The Jewel”, is not only known for its tropical beauty, vibrant culture, and warm climate but is also fabled for its affordable real estate opportunities. Buying property in Belize can be a wise investment for bargain hunters, mainly because Belize real estate goes for a fraction of the price of a home of similar stature in Canada. Investing in Belize property comes with a multitude of perks that make decision-making even easier. And if you ask us, sea views and crashing waves beat snow days, any day.

Benefits of Buying a Home in Belize

For those who want to permanently relocate to Belize, or even migrate as snowbirds, this country has so much to offer. Its rich culture, biodiversity, and scenic destinations are just a few of the reasons why people find buying real estate in Belize appealing. In addition to homes in Belize being so affordable, the cost of living is also incredibly low in this Central American nation. Property taxes are reasonable, local produce is unbelievably cheap, and utilities vary on the lifestyle of the individual.

When it comes to everyday life, Belizean living has many benefits such as economic stability, welcoming communities, great options for work, and affordable health care, not to mention the year-round warm weather. In addition, Belize is considered one of the best places in the world for ex-pat retirement. With English as the official language, and its location being only a few hours away from many major North American hubs, Belize makes for an especially attractive real estate market to invest in.

Flights to Belize

Are you pondering the travel time from Canada to Belize? Fortunately, flights from Canada to Belize are relatively frequent and very affordable. With no visa requirements for Canadian citizens, the transition is even more seamless and quick. The average travel time from major Canadian airports to Belize is approximately 7 hours. During low season, flights from Toronto to Belize can be priced as low as $280 CAD. There are several airline options depending on your style of traveling. For direct flights, the best bets are Air Canada and WestJet, but if you don’t mind a stopover or two, United Airlines, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines are also economical options.

Affordable Real Estate, High Quality of Life

If you’re considering buying a house in Belize, the time is now. Relocating to an unfamiliar place can be frightening, but living in debt and not being able to accomplish a lifetime goal is even more petrifying. This year, don’t allow fear or doubt to hinder you from making your move to becoming a homeowner.  Belize is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, offering a high quality of life at an affordable price. There’s an abundance of affordable real estate for sale in Belize. Make your move and browse our listings to discover your vista, and take that first step to start your new beginning as a homeowner in Belize.



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