Your Own Private Island in Belize

The Ultimate Investment

Nothing says “lavish” quite like owning a private island. Aquiring your own piece of paradise is truly the ultimate status symbol, and is a bucket-list goal of the world’s most wealthy individuals. A-listers like Richard Branson, George Clooney, and Celine Dion all own islands, and enjoy the privacy and exclusivity they bring. Who wouldn’t want to join in on this growing trend, especially when there are private islands available in beautiful locations like Belize, with reasonable price tags. Picture this: breathtakingly-beautiful blue hues of the Caribbean Sea, the unmatched serenity of island living, and year-round warm weather. For those in search of a private island for investment purposes or for the perfect location for a ultra-private vacation home, our islands for sale in Belize are sure to fit the bill and the budget.

Exclusive Access to Paradise

When it comes to private islands, there are only so many available in the world. Inventory is extremely limited to say the least. New listings are rarely added to the Belize real estate market, and the ones that are currently on the market are selling fast. In fact, even Bill Gates and Leonardo Dicaprio have purchased islands in Belize. As the country makes a name for itself in the luxury travel and eco-tourism market, even more affluent investors are turning to Belize in search of their own private paradise in the Caribbean Sea. This growing demand for private islands has made the few remaining isles even more desirable.

Whether investors plan to build a vacation home or an entire resort, there’s no doubt that a private island will offer next-level exclusivity and unparalleled serenity. There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by crystal clear waters with palm trees towering overhead and golden sands at your toes. At Vista Real Estate, we currently have a curated selection of private islands for sale, each offering their own unique charm and exclusive access to paradise. Each of these private island listings offer an opportunity for exquisite private residences or ultra-luxurious resort development off the coast of Belize.

How Much Does a Private Island in Belize Cost?

What could be better than owning a pristine private island off the coast of Belize! As sizes and prices vary, opportunities for development are plenty. Currently, prices range from as low as $135,000 USD for a caye of 4,356 square feet to $12,000,000 USD for a sizeable island of 550 acres.

Location is Everything

When it comes to purchasing a private island, location is everything. Browse our Belize islands for sale for a wide range of private island properties. Some are as close as only 8 miles off the coast of Belize City, while some are a mere 1 mile away from the incredible Barrier Reef. Others are islets offering soft sand beaches, situated just on the cusp of a world-renowned Marine Reserve. The ideal location will depend on the type of development and the buyer’s priorities. For those seeking a property secluded in the serene blue of the sea, or an opportunity for resort development perfectly placed next to the thriving Placencia Peninsula – options and variety of locations abound. Some of our properties are ideally situated for diving enthusiasts, while others such as Little Frenchman Caye are perfect for an eco-resort development, already equipped with accommodations, and fully self-sustaining features such as solar power and osmosis systems.

The Realities of Remote Island Living

Island living is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. Whether it’s a new development project or a personal holiday home, this is a chance to craft a sustainable off-the-grid-living, surrounded by breathtaking nature. It’s a rare opportunity to find serenity in remote locations, away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. For those purchasing a private island for the first time, there will be plenty of questions. How close is the island to the mainland? Where are the nearest medical facilities? What are the opportunities to generate income with this property? Our our experienced team is well-equipped to answer all these questions, and walk through the purchasing process side-by-side with our buyers.

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