Belize’s Best-Kept Secret: Real Estate on the Placencia Peninsula

An Underrated Paradise on the Southern Coast – Placencia

While Belize is often known for its beautiful islands, the southern coast of the mainland holds the country’s best-kept secret. A tiny peninsula, called “Placencia”, branches off from mainland Belize creating a cluster of small communities in a stunning setting. With a laguna on the West and golden-sand beaches on the East, the peninsula is home to all the amenities and conveniences you could require, in a laidback village setting. While expats are more commonly drawn towards more popular areas, such as Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker, the underrated destination of Placencia is perfect for expats seeking a slow-paced lifestyle and affordable Belize real estate.

Unparalleled Convenience – Plenty of Activities and Amenities

The scenic Placencia Peninsula is home to the close-knit communities of Maya Beach, Seine Bight, and Placencia Village. These locales make the perfect place for buying property in Belize, with numerous homes currently on the market. Expats are attracted to this area for its abundance of activities, easy access to adventures, as well as unique eateries, and of course, the sunny beaches. Available activities in the Placencia area include fitness centers, tennis courts, pickleball, paddleboarding, kayaking, mini-golf, bowling, and adventure tours. Local tour guides are also in abundance, and can be found along the main sidewalk of Placencia Village alongside artisan crafts, local art, and souvenir shops. The Peninsula also boasts an abundance of distinctive restaurants, beach bars, cafes, and the best gelateria on this side of the globe.

The local airport on the Peninsula offers the ultimate convenience of air travel from the PGIA airport to Placencia, making getting there easy and quick with just a 25-minute commute via Tropic Air or Maya Island Air. Other amenities available on the peninsula include large grocery stores, private schools, and medical facilities. Overall, it’s a great
place to visit and an even better place to live if you’re searching for houses for sale in Belize.

Paradise at the Right Price: Placencia Cost of Living

On the Placencia Peninsula, the cost of living is affordable. While there are no large chain stores, local produce is readily available, fresh meat and fish are inexpensive, and the local restaurants and cafes are reasonably priced and well-loved by locals, tourists, and expats alike.

  • Property Tax: If you’re purchasing real estate in Placencia, you’ll find property taxes are quite fair. In Belize, property taxes are based on the assessed land value rather than the developed value and are as low as 1.5% in rural areas. In Placencia, most homeowners report paying less than $50 USD per year in property taxes. The economical property taxes are a significant advantage to consider when buying a house in Belize.
  • Food: While the prices of imported groceries can be steep, local produce is incredibly cheap and tastier than one could imagine. When living in Belize, skip the pre-packaged imported foods and opt for fresh, high-quality locally grown goods. Think freshly picked bunches of 6-8 bananas for only 50 cents, 8 oranges for 50 cents, the largest most buttery avocados for only 50 cents each, and fresh pineapples at only $1.25 each. Yes, those prices are in US dollars! A balanced diet has never been easier.
  • Water: According to the United States government, a single person uses approximately 2500 gallons of water per month, while families use up to around 9,000 gallons. In Belize, this level of water usage could range from $18.89 USD to $72.36 USD. As for drinking water, though tap water in Belize is potable, many expats opt to purchase purified water in the form of five-gallon bottles. Refills cost only $2.50 USD and can be done at any local grocery store. This is incredibly cheap, and much more eco-friendly than purchasing single-use plastic bottles.
  • Electric: In Belize, the cost of electricity is approximately $0.22 USD per kilowatt-hour (kWh). For reference, in the United States, electricity rates range from $0.09 USD/kWh to $0.32 USD/kWh with a national average of $0.13 USD/kWh. The cost of electricity in Belize may seem high or low depending on where you are from, though it is important to note that Belizean rates are considerably lower than that of neighboring Caribbean countries.
  • Domestic Help: In Placencia, having a housekeeper for cleaning and basic chores around the home is very affordable, ranging from $25 USD-$40 USD per day.
  • High-Speed Internet: In Placencia, enjoy access to high-speed internet for as low as $24 USD per month, as well as the more recent option of fiber internet for as low as $40 USD per month.
  • Phone Plans: Average monthly phone plans are available starting at $27.50 USD per month. Expats also enjoy the benefit of inexpensive international talk and text bundles for the occasional call home. These bundles are priced at only $1.50 USD, and include 50 minutes of international talk and 50 texts.

Placencia Real Estate – Purchasing Property in Paradise

For all these reasons and more, the Placencia Peninsula is an outstanding choice when selecting a place to settle down in Belize and enjoy the scenic views. As your local experts on real estate for sale in Belize, our team at Vista Real Estate is ready to help you find your Placencia property today.


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