Your Own Private Island in Belize

The Ultimate Investment Nothing says “lavish” quite like owning a private island. Aquiring your own piece of paradise is truly the ultimate status symbol, and is a bucket-list goal of the world's most wealthy individuals. A-listers like Richard Branson, George Clooney, and Celine Dion all own islands, and enjoy the privacy and exclusivity they bring. Who wouldn’t want to join in on this growing...

Belize’s Best-Kept Secret: Real Estate on the Placencia Peninsula

An Underrated Paradise on the Southern Coast - Placencia While Belize is often known for its beautiful islands, the southern coast of the mainland holds the country’s best-kept secret. A tiny peninsula, called “Placencia”, branches off from mainland Belize creating a cluster of small communities in a stunning setting. With a laguna on the West and golden-sand beaches on the East, the peninsula is...


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