Moving Forward with COVID-19 – Vista’s Responsible Real Estate Guidelines

Responsible Real Estate in Belize

At Vista, safety and health are priority for us, as we prepare for the reopening of Belize. We would like to focus on the balance of providing our services and safeguarding our employees, clients and community.

We have created our guidelines top align with the protocols of the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and the Ministry of Health (MoH) to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. We’ve identified industry-specific protocols that everyone at the workplace must follow to keep safe and comfortable.

Virtual Services

Vista will continue to provide virtual services to engage with clients and potential buyers via phone, email, and video conference. We currently use technology to draft and execute any written services (this includes electronic signatures), and to provide any documents relating to the property, marketing and/or market research.

Virtual Showings are encouraged where possible as this minimizes the meeting of potential buyers in person; however, if the buyer is making a purchasing decision, we may conduct an in person showing with safety procedures in place.

When showing residential properties that are currently occupied, we will be present to ensure that all the guidelines and protocols are adhered to.

In-Person Viewings

We adhere to limited capacity for in person viewings, if a virtual showing is not practical. Viewings will be limited to two clients and one agent. An appointment must be scheduled in order to reduce the number of people on the property (this includes the seller or owner of the property).

Face masks are required during an in person viewing and the mask must be on at all times, including the drive to the property.

Where necessary, we will encourage agents to meet buyers outside of a complex and/or building to minimize unnecessary wandering around the viewing location or unit. Social distancing requirements will be applied.
We encourage buyers to travel in their own transportation to meet the agent at the property or follow the agent where possible.

We will advise clients and employees with scheduled showings that if they develop symptoms, they must cancel their appointment. BTB policies also cover those who are under order by the public health officer to self-isolate due to international travel.

When necessary, if more than one party will be viewing the property at the same time, we require the following measures from the agents:

  • Review the property floor plan and determine the route through the home that will best enable physical distancing.
  • Anticipate areas of property where physical distancing cannot be maintained (e.g., hallways, small rooms, closets,). Consider blocking off some areas if necessary.
  • Consider limiting the number of people in each area of the building (i.e., by room or by floor) at one time.

There will be additional hand sanitizers at the front door and visitors will be asked to sanitize their hands and feet before entering.

Agents and visitors are required to sanitize their shoes and/or wear protective shoe coverings before entering all residential properties. Sanitization sprays and/or disposable coverings will be provided by the agent. Visitors will be asked and reminded not to touch any surfaces within the property. The landlord (or agent) will be tasked with preparing the property for viewings by turning on all lights and opening all doors to prevent touching of surfaces by potential buyers.

Once a showing is complete, the agent is responsible for sanitizing any surfaces that may have been exposed to contact. At the end of the showing the agent will be required to have hand sanitizer available and to ensure all visitors to the property sanitize their hands.

To maintain the safety of consumers, clients, and colleagues in an effort to minimize transmission or cross contamination, agents should make their best attempt to refrain from showing multiple properties on the same day.

Agents are required to adhere to the “no handshake” procedure with clients.

Agents and/or the office will be required to document names and contact information of all persons attending a property showing. This should be done electronically before the scheduled appointment time.

Agents will ensure that handling of property keys are coordinated so that physical contact is not required. Sanitization of the keys will be required before returning the owner.


Sanitization kits will be provided to each agent on a regular basis. These kits will include hand sanitizers, gloves, sanitizing sprays and wipes as well as disposable face masks and shoe coverings.

Hygiene practices are implemented for the agents and employees which includes washing of hands before and after breaks or meeting clients and after viewings.

Employees are required to have their temperature taken regularly before entering the office and before all in-person showings.

Face masks are required for employees and clients at all times. If the client does not have one, the agent will provide one from the sanitization kit. If the client does not want to wear a mask, we will not be able to proceed with the showing; however, there will be an option of a virtual walk through.

Agents and clients are discouraged from using the property’s washroom.

Cleaning the Office

Cleaning kits will be provided to each employee for their workstations both in office and at home, and we require each employee to sanitize their surfaces (including desktops, laptops, phone and other touch points) regularly.

Company Vehicles

Before and after every showing, the agent will sanitize the seats, door handles, console and any other contact surfaces of the company vehicles.

When necessary, clients who require transportation by agents for in-person showings will be asked to properly sanitize their hands/shoes and to wear protective face masks before entering the vehicle.


We will conduct employee training every week to ensure our employees and agents acquire the knowledge to enhance and implement the safety program. Mock showings will also take place to simulate different scenarios in diverse situations.

To ensure training and practices are in place, we have appointed a Program Coordinator to oversee our Responsible Real Estate Guidelines.

For guidelines and protocols on Belize’s COVID-19 “Soft Opening” visit the Belize Tourism Board website at


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