Find Your Space in Belize

With a small population of roughly 380,000 people spread across over 8,800 square miles of pristine rainforest and marine environments, Belize gives you a wonderful location to consider when planning your next move. Whether your looking to retire abroad or simply searching for a vacation property or second home where you can escape the crowds, find out more about this tiny English speaking nation in Central America, consider the possibilities and Make Belize Your Plan B.

As many of us are realizing right know, a little distance may not be such a bad thing after all…

“Belize remains off the world’s radar. Nobody is targeting or intent on stirring up trouble in this little country that’s part Caribbean, part Central American. Most people don’t give Belize a second thought. In today’s world, that’s a plus.”

Now, more than ever, we may all be rethinking our priorities and realizing the value of wide open spaces away from the crowded streets of “big city life”. For those looking to give yourselves a bit more room to breathe, Belize is an affordable option that offers a back-to-basics, traditional lifestyle with lots of activities and adventures to enjoy.

Belize offers a natural escape from the crowds with both beaches and mountains well within reach.


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